Bosu Ball Workouts for a Challenge

A Yaizmen Shereè and Derrick Bond Collaboration...

So about 20 years ago the Bosu ball burst onto the scene and can be found in just about every standard commercial, hotel, or home gym across the world. Typically, this odd looking dome is used for balance training (squats, planks etc…) but I like to use it for so much more.

Personally, I believe incorporating this half blue ball in exercises your usual workout routine can lessen your chances of injury. For those of us who are especially active ( I like to dabble in boxing, weightlifting and basketball) it’s a fine line between gains and hurting yourself. Adding the Bosu ball instantly forces me to pay attention to my form a whole lot more than usual. It also allows me to lower the weight I’m using if I’ve added another form of resistance.

I have gotten to know my body and ideal weight and do not wish to increase size or add weight any longer, so adding the ball helps me avoid getting the major pump in muscle that I sometimes prefer. I’m trying to add flexibility and mobility with the yoga practice but will never quit weightlifting. Now with these things being said if you are looking for a specific gain or skill set such as hypertrophy (muscle) gains or extreme strength increase you may not want to incorporate this tool into power lifts. If you prefer a tougher basic exercise like dumbbell curls then adding the Bosu to that will definitely make gaining stability harder, therefore making the action tougher. If nothing else this tool can help with improving form so don’t be afraid to switch the routine up and try something new even if it's the half blue ball in the gym.

Need some ideas?

The picture above are some of my favorite exercises using the Bosu Ball and below are brief descriptions of each. Let me know what you think and what some, if any, you've done!


Pushup: For beginners, start in the plank position with hands on the dome-side. Lower down until arms are at a 90 degree angle. For a more advanced version, flip the ball over with dome-side to the floor.

#Oblique crunch: Lie back across the domed side of the Bosu ball. With your left hand at your hip and right arm extended overhead, left leg extended and right knee bent, lift up and bring your right hand toward your left foot reaching across your body. Lower yourself down and repeat on the other side. 

#Plank knee tuck: Beginners, start in regular pushup position with hands on the domed side.

  • Bring your right knee forward toward your left elbow then extended it back behind you. That's one rep. Then switch legs, bringing your left knee toward your right elbow.  Try 5-10 reps on each leg.

  • For the advanced version, flip the Bosu Ball and plant your hands on the flat side.

#Squat: For a beginner's Bosu ball squat, perform a basic squat standing on the domed side. For intermediate level, add a small hop as you raise yourself out of the squat. For a more advanced squat, flip the Bosu and perform the squat balancing on the flat platform.


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