Sh!t Happens...But Get It Together

This is not one of those long step-by-step guides that'll lie to you and say everything will be fine. That seems to be the answer to all of our problems....Everything will be fine. But right now, no, everything isn't fine and until we figure out our next move and get our shit together, it won't be.

We all have those times in our lives when we feel like we may not make it. Bad break-ups, death of loved ones. and financial hardships are just a few. Whatever it is for you, it's hard as hell to deal with.

As you already know, this blog is dedicated to living life to it's fullest and finding some sort of joy in everything we do. But what happens when you can't handle your troubles with grace? What happens when you feel like you can't go on?

My suggestion? Give up.

Yes, you read that right. Let that settle for just a second. Let me elaborate...

Give up trying to be strong all the time.Give up trying to be everything to everybody.Momentarily, give up, take a break and take care of you.

Before I continue...I know that everyone reading this have different responsibilities, schedules, etc. You have to pick and choose what you take from this post as well as everything you read, watch, listen to, etc. The whole point of this is for you to make yourself a priority.

Take a few minutes, a hour, a day or two, or even a week if you can. In my opinion, a week is the longest, but hey, you do you! It's time for some self-care!

Minimize or stop the following:

  • Social's the devil sometimes and really unnecessary and time consuming.

  • News...that means news from social media as well.

  • Communication with the "needy" people in your life. "Needy" people are those who:have constant drama going on,always want to borrow something,only calls/text when they want something from you, and always need a ride.

Tell whoever they are that you are sick. And if you don't think you're sick, you will be if you don't take this time for yourself. You are good to absolutely NO ONE if you aren't your best you first. Maximize the following:

  • Sleep

  • Eat fruits and veggies. They'll help you feel better physically AND mentally. Here's a list of good for emotional health.

  • Read for pleasure.

  • Watch that series that you've been dying to see. Comedies are best and that leads me to the next...

  • Laugh. Laughter is necessary for good health mentally and physically as well. Read why laughter is so important here.

  • Drink lots of water.

  • Drink lots of wine.

  • Cry. Mourn, grieve, cry, feel sorry for yourself, cry again.

And when you're done crying... Most importantly... Get Your Shit Together At the end of whatever time you gave yourself...

  • Take a Shower

  • Do your hair.

  • Get dressed. Get cute. Make yourself look good. Because when you look good, you feel good.

  • Get back to building and living your life.

Grief, sadness, depression, worry, and (add you special problem here) will happen. It'll happen because it's part of life and what makes us human. But we don't have to stay in the dark place. Take some time for yourself. Recharge. You need it. Those around you need it. Be good to yourself. Always. I hope you enjoyed this post! Take what you need and leave the rest if it doesn't apply to you. Leave some other suggestions in the comments below of things you do or want to do. Yaizmen Shereè


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